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8 Home Remodeling Products & Practices That Will Conserve Energy.

Did you know that the founder of Install America, Leon Slocomb, holds 23 patents for the most energy efficient replacement window on the market? That’s where our company started and we’ve grown to offer a full line of home remodeling products focused on energy efficiency.

Here Are Some of the Details Behind Our Products Made With a Laser Focus on Energy Conservation…

1 – Low-e. This thin layer of insulation is applied underneath your siding and your roof. This is the same product that was made famous on Extreme Home Makeover. eShield will reduce energy cost significantly and is guaranteed to save you a money over time.

2 – Shingle-Over Ridge Vent. This vent is cut into the roof so air can ventilate and the lifetime of your roof and attic is extended. This will help to keep your attic free from excess heat and moisture buildup.

3 – The Composite Threshold on our doors eliminates rotting, warping and splintering while maintaining the beauty of natural wood. This also allows us to offer our customers 27 different paint and stain options!

4 – Solid Core siding. You couldn’t ding or dent this stuff if you tried. Most siding is hollow on the inside, but not ours. We promise your siding will not change shape over time.See more here.

5 – Ultraflect Glass. Our windows have the most temperature-resistant glass on the planet and will save you money. Guaranteed.

6 – Fusion-welded corners, Duralite spacers and the vinyl extrusion process. Three of our patents that contribute to the most energy efficient window on the market.

7 – Magnetic weatherstripping seal on all of our doors that lasts forever and makes your doors water-resistant, bug-resistant, and temperature-resistant.

8 – Earthwise windows meet the highest energy standards in the industry. Our windows are purposely built to withstand temperature and weather extremes. This feature provides the ideal combination of beauty, comfort, durability and value.