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bug killing spray

5 Easy Tips for Preventing Unwanted Bugs in the Home This Fall and Winter

With the shift to cooler temperatures, insects like to migrate to warmer weather. For homeowners during the season change, that can spell an uptick in bugs like spiders, lady bugs, cockroaches and more venturing indoors. These uninvited pest guests can be an unwelcome surprise and cause undue stress for people wanting to create a warm and cozy space for their friends and family, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

To help keep homes protected and get rid of bothersome bugs, Raid;, America’s most trusted insect control brand* backed by 60 years of research, shares five easy tips to help prevent uninvited pests from invading the home.

1) Keep The Kitchen Clean: Bugs are always looking for their next meal, so places where you eat or store food are especially tempting. Avoid leaving food or dirty dishes out for long periods, and clean up food spills immediately. Sweep and mop hard-surface floors weekly, or more often if you notice spills, and consider utilizing a vacuum on hardwood and carpeted floors weekly for anything that may have dropped under or between appliances. For everyday use, consider Raid Essentials, which is safe to use in the kitchen, and around children and pets when used as directed.

2) Eliminate Moisture: Standing water in and around your home acts as a breeding ground and drinking fountain for pesky insects. It’s important to identify and repair indoor water leaks, wipe down the insides of sinks and bathtubs and run a dehumidifier in damp areas of your home, especially if you spot moisture-loving critters.

3) Clean, De-Clutter & Repeat: Keeping the inside of your home and garage clean and clutter-free not only makes it more inviting for loved ones, it also makes it less inviting for insects. Remember to recycle old boxes and stacks of newspapers where roaches, bed bugs, silverfish and other bugs like to breed and hide.

4) Block Entry Points: Insects can squeeze through tiny spaces, so check around your vents, utility pipes and other openings from the outside that might not be properly sealed. When temperatures drop, add weather stripping and door sweeps to make it harder for bugs to gain entrance, and use products like Raid Perimeter Protection, which kills a wide range of bugs and creates a long-lasting, consistent barrier for up to 18 months, all in one spray.

5) Create A Perimeter: To help prevent unwanted guests from making their way inside, move tree limbs, rocks, shrubs or other debris away from your house, as they can offer an easy bridge for pests to come indoors. These areas are also the perfect hiding spot for insects to hide and reproduce. By utilizing these simple tips, homeowners can worry less about unwanted guests entering their homes, and more about enjoying their time spent indoors with loved ones. If bugs do make their way indoors, Raid has a variety of products designed to help prevent and control infestations.