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9 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows.

We’ve been replacing windows for a long time (over 62 years in fact), and one thing we’ve learned is that most homeowners aren’t entirely sure if their windows need to be replaced. Here’s the definitive list of things to look for when making the call:

1 – Seal failure. This is a common symptom of windows that are either not top quality or not installed properly. Argon or krypton are typically the gas used between window panes in thermal windows. When these windows get foggy, it’s condensation, and chances are the window, or at least the window pane needs to be replaced.

2 – Compromised frame structure. If your windows are not fusion welded at the corners, chances are they will shift over time. This can obviously cause air seepage and other issues. Sometimes this is hard to detect, but even the tiniest gaps or cracks can end up putting adding to your utility bills.

3 – Air seepage. There are many possible causes for your windows not being air-tight. Obviously, it’s best if they are. If you feel air coming through any portion of your window, you’ll want to get in touch asap.

4 – If your window is hot or cold to the touch. The most current windows use special reflective glass that deflects high and low temperatures to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

5 – Difficulty shutting or opening windows. If you’re struggling to get your windows open or closed, there’s a problem. We offer windows that can be fully operated with one hand…Including a patented tilt-in feature.

6 – You’re home was built 10 or more years ago and still has original windows. As your home ages, so do your windows.

7 – Your energy bill has been a little higher than you would like it to be. Having the best windows is a no-brainer when it comes to cutting down on utility costs. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make.

8 – It’s time for a home makeover. Windows can make a big difference to the aesthetic of your home. A bay or bow can really add a splash to a room in need of natural light. Some beautiful trim options can help breathe life into the exterior of the home.

9 – Single-pane windows. Still have single-pane windows? You’re definitely due for an upgrade. No single pane window can offer the type of energy efficiency that our windows can.

Remember, windows are only as good as their installation. A quality window installed the right way is the goal. If your current windows were not installed correctly, make sure you hire a company you can trust to get it fixed.