The Look of Cedar for the Price of Vinyl

We are proud to install Cedar Ridge® Siding. With Cedar Ridge® exterior siding you can take your creative ideas to the edge – and beyond. Cedar Ridge® offers an endless array of cladding styles, colors and textures so that you can mix, match and create a home exterior that is uniquely you.

Hand – milled finish Maintenance Free Neopor® Insulation

R-Value up to 19% higher than traditional insulated siding 240% more Impact resistant than Fiber Cement Seamless appearance

Wind Resistant to 200 mph Reduces Noise by up to 45% 22 Colors

Most importantly and unique to Install America…if you have a problem…your warranty brings you to Install America…we handle all warranty claims and never pass you on to the manufacturer.

Solid Core

Our siding does not ding, dent, discolor, or change shape over time. Guaranteed.

Low-E Underlayment

Low-E, or low emissivity, is a highly-reflective insulation that can be implemented where all conventional insulation is used, increasing energy savings up to 25%!