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Fully Customizable Bay and Bow Windows in PA, MD, NJ, DE, VA, NC, SC and TN

Bay and bow windows are architecturally beautiful outlets to the outdoors that offer an expanded view while allowing more natural light into your home. The team at Install America offers fully customizable bay and bow windows with various features to ensure your personal touches are included once the installation is complete. You can count on us as a reputable and reliable partner. Whether you want a comfortable place to curl up and read or a sunny area to place your indoor plants, our bay and bow windows are an excellent option.

bay window and couch

About Our Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows offer an open view of the outdoors but differ in style and construction. Noting the difference is essential to ensure you get the type of window you have pictured in your mind. Bay windows project further out from the home and usually have a central frame fixed with two casement or double-hung windows on either side. These side windows can be opened for ventilation. Bow windows are similar in size. However, they don’t project out as far or provide the shelf space that comes with bay windows.

Bay and Bow Window Features and Options

Since we manufacture all our windows, you can fully customize your selection, no matter which style you choose. Some of the popular features and options of these two products include:

  • Widths ranging from 49”-144”
  • Choice of any of our stylish grid options or no grids at all
  • 10°, 30°, or 45° bay windows
  • Four-lite or five-lite bow windows
  • Center and end vents are available in picture windows with double-hung or casements available in any combination
  • Customized jamb widths

Garden Window Features and Options

Want a little greenhouse area for your indoor plants? Garden windows offer the perfect sanctuary for plants year-round.

  • Top-sloped tempered insulating glass panel
  • Externally glazed trapezoid side vents with heavy-duty roto-operator hardware with dual-point locking
  • Center-fixed window with integral weep system
  • Flexible bulb gaskets around all fixed and operating sash perimeters
  • Heavy-duty screens
  • Tempered glass shelf up to 50” wide and wire shelf over 50” wide (Garden window only)

The Best Window Warranty in the Business

From our professional manufacturing and installation to the double lifetime warranty, there’s a lot to be confident about when you choose Install America for replacement windows in your home. Our warranty is fully transferrable to future owners of your home and covers the glass, vinyl, and hardware. For even more peace of mind, if you ever need to rely on your warranty, you’ll deal directly with us. There’s never another company or warranty provider that will handle anything for you. Just the people you trust: our team. Contact us to learn more about bay and bow window installation throughout Mohnton, PA, Somerset, PA, West Berlin, NJ, College Grove, TN, and Gastonia, NC.

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